Stepping Stones (North Edinburgh) is a voluntary organisation that provides support services to young parent families and pregnant women living in the North Edinburgh area. We aim to promote and support the social development and education of families with young children. We work from the basis of:

• Flexible, responsive and targeted service provision
• Early intervention and prevention
• Social inclusion
• Partnership working
• Lifelong learning
• Involvement of service users in all elements of decision-making and governance
• Planned progression through the project promoting continuous development

Our aims are:

• To provide opportunities for local families to make positive choices.
• To reduce isolation and increase parental confidence.
• To support the development of parents and children’s self-esteem, confidence and skills.

Our aims are delivered through a wide variety of services;

Centre based support

  • Wide ranging and ongoing groupwork programme
  • Individual targeted support
  • Access to further education, employment and training
  • Childcare provision
  • Supporting children’s development
  • Support with life transitions


  • Individual parenting support
  • Individual homes visits
  • Counselling
  • Career or training advice
  • Housing advice or debt management

Stepping Stones (North Edinburgh) is funded by the City of Edinburgh Council,  BIG Lottery Fund, NHS Lothian and a wide variety of other Trust Funds.