Group Work

Over the last few weeks we have had Gail from Edinburgh Community Food come in to our core group to deliver the REHIS Food and Health course. REHIS Food & Health is a nationally recognised certificated course which provides training in the principles of good nutrition and getting a healthy, balanced diet. This course aims to cut through all the mixed messages around nutrition. Participants on the course gain a clear understanding of general nutrition, learn about ‘faddy diets’, food labelling and are provided with the knowledge to improve their and their children’s health and well-being. Seven of our parents completed this course and gained their REHIS Elementary Food & Health certificate. Well done to Joanne, Sophie, Chelsea, Amy, Robyn, Jaymee and Heather.

We’ve also just finished the delivery of our Peer Education workshops to 13 S4 classes across two local high schools. This was delivered by 9 of our parents who completed their peer education training. More on this to follow!