New Term, New Group Work

The groups have all started back after the summer and we’ve got lots planned for this term. The core groups have a varied programme developing skills, health, creativity, parenting capacity and confidence. We’re looking forward to all we have in store!


Both the Wardieburn and Muirhouse groups are in the middle of a photography course, learning the foundations of taking good photos – light, composition and getting hands on experience with Digitial SLR cameras, as well as applying it to day to day shots with their phones. They are all working towards a final framed image of their children. For some this is a chance to gather family memories and learn new skills, for others a first step towards a college course.

Fixers Event – sharing our experience

Last year the groups worked with an organisation called ‘Fixers’ to think of ways to share their experience of being young parents, to challenge stigma and show their strengths. This resulted in a short film and we are planning a launch event for this in December – watch this space for more details! The groups are involved in the planning process and will be working on other ways to share their experience at the event.

Heath 4 U & URS

Health 4 U & URS is a Health and Wellbeing programme developed by Stepping Stones and the NHS. The 8 week course makes the links between physical, mental, emotional and social health. Heath 4 U explores topics such as children’s nutritional needs and role modelling and looks at challenges in our modern society. Each session will include a parent and child physical activity.

The programme aims to positively influence our young parents knowledge and motivation of how to lead a healthy and balanced lifestyle for them and their family.

Raising Children With Confidence

The Wardie group will be doing this 8 week parenting course, promoting positive mental health and wellbeing in themselves and their children.

It looks at child development, what influences childrens’ emotional wellbeing and the impact parents have on that. Each parent will think about their unique family and situation. It will be a chance to share experiences and use what they have learnt to increase their capacity as parents and give their children what they need.

Canny Families

This is part of our partnership work with Changeworks and Granton Information Centre, helping people to live cannily on a tight budget. We look at reducing food waste, ensuring people can access the benefits they are entitled to and giving people the chance to ask questions they might have about their own situation.

Story Sacks

Following on from these sessions with the Muirhouse group last term, the Wardie group will be making ‘story sacks’ – a bag with a book and materials to bring that story to life. It is a chance to think about how they share stories with their children, develop their and their children’s imaginations, and use stories to help them play and explore the world around them.

Self-confidence workshops

As part of our promotion of positive mental health, we have an organisation called Positive Realities coming to work with the parents on self-confidence, self-esteem and assertiveness.