Camera Obscura

Over the past 6 weeks, our group has been undertaking the Raising Children With Confidence course. This is a programme which helps parents understand the importance of supporting emotional health and well-being in both themselves and their children. It is quite an intensive group, looking at subjects like Attachment Theory, Resilience, and Supporting Emotional Development. Our parents have been working really hard in the group, so we thought we’d take them to Camera Obscura as a treat for all their effort.

Everyone had a great day out, including Alfie and Sarah, who loved all the optical illusions and interactive toys to play with. A particular highlight for the group was the vortex tunnel, where they all struggle to walk through straight! As Sarah and Alfie said “it was so much fun, let’s go again!”.  A few more weeks to go of Raising Children with Confidence then a special Christmas week with certificates for out hardworking parents who have completed the group.