Easter Eggstravaganza

On a sunny Thursday during the Easter Holidays, the Botanic Cottage was covered in Easter bunting, filled with sweet treats and packed with art and crafts. 65 people from families from the service hunted around the gardens on the trail for chocolate, then joined us in the cottage for an afternoon of activities. All went home with their hands full of their Easter creations and chocolate treats. A great day was had by all.


New Year, New Group Work

This term we’ve got a great range of group work sessions planned for our Core Groups.

We’ll be using our new personal profiles folders to set some personal goals for the year to come – each person will have chance to think about what matters to them, dream some dreams and set some goals for 2017. We can then tailor the group work to help people work towards these goals.

We’ll also be taking some time to talk about some of the challenges of parenting. We’ll have some open sessions to talk, get things off our chest and learn from each other. The groups have said they want to start with challenging behaviour in toddlers!

There will also be chance to relax and look after ourselves! We have some massage booked in, as well as some sessions on ‘lotions and potions’ – learning about aromatherapy and how to use it at home to help destress and feel better about ourselves.

We have an external tutor coming in to do some jewellery making, learning new skills and getting creative in a craft project.

In February we have our annual Peer Education sessions coming up. We’ll be going in to local schools and doing workshops to share what it’s really like being a young parent. We’ve developed these over a few years now and we’ll be passing on important information as well as helping young people to think about it for themselves. This year we’ll also be preparing people who have delivered the workshops before to train up newer group members.

Christmas 2016

Last week the parents enjoyed a Christmas lunch out with staff to celebrate all their hard work this year and the start of the festive season.

10 parents and 11 children also enjoyed a trip to the theatre to see ‘Too Many Penguins’, which was a lovely outing for all involved.

We are now looking forward to our project Christmas party tomorrow which is on from 1-3 pm at West Pilton Neighbourhood Centre!